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Gemma Celeste has been described as having the

“Voice of angel with the power of a Lion”


She is the lead vocalist, entrancing her audience with world-class

cabaret, and burlesque-style entertainment. 

Gemma Celeste is a true performer who loves nothing more than to provide a memorable experience and bring a smile to her audiences faces.

Her ability to engage and interact with the crowd is what makes her stand out as a performer, often getting off stage to dance, sing and

interact with her audience.

With over 20 years experience Gemma Celeste has spent most of her adult life honing her craft singing overseas in Sydney and London where she has performed with various covers and original bands, collaborating with DJ's, producers and everything in between, spanning all genres of music. She has a great positive infectious energy and loves to tell stories through song.

She has written 2 songs for a film documentary "Soldiers without guns and released other original tracks.

Gemma Celeste is also a Stylecoach and understands the power of costuming for her performance's.  She styles the shows based on the theme and creative direction, always making sure Celestial Vibez look as good

as they sound.