Aston Garratt

Master of Arts - Screen Production

Bachelor of Science Honours - Psychology

Graduate Diploma Arts - Theatre Studies

Advanced Certificate in Commercial Dance

Performance Certificate in Performing Arts

Aston is a multi-talented, life-long producer, performer and entertainer. A versatile, self-taught musician of many instruments, she has a ceaseless drive and curiosity to continually expand her repertoire.


Aston commenced her professional life as a choreographer, assistant director and commercial dancer, working on stadium ceremonies and New Zealand's largest street parades before she had even left high school. Loving all ranges of art forms, Aston has production experience in live events, film, television, and the theatre. Aston's passion for musical theatre has led her to train at some of the world's top schools, such as in New York and Sydney. Today, when not performing, which is her primary occupation, she can be found as an event manager or artistic director. She was the creator of Dancing in the Park events in Auckland City, and is currently the Visual & Performing Arts Director of Earth Beat Festival.

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The last 5 years has seen a more concentrated focus on music, with Aston learning live music production and playing in a number of bands. When Aston met Gemma, it was a dream come true - finding a performance partner with a personality as big as hers, and shared passion for theatrical performance. The combination of Gemma's powerful lead vocals, with Aston's harmonies and one-man-band-style music production... their creative potential is endless. Together they explore every genre of music that may be called upon, incorporating acting, dancing and snazzy costumes to the standard live music performance. This duo is exciting, thrilling, and simply the perfect recipe for applying a theatrical and creative history to contemporary music.