Want to feature in our upcoming music video?



We invite you to submit footage to our latest music video Crazy.

Inspired by how crazy we are feeling after a month of covid isolation, we are inviting you to submit 10 second bites of footage of you going crazy due to isolating at home or just these crazy times we found ourselves living in. 

So get your phones out and have a go!


Tips for best footage:

- Think about your background (what is in shot?)

- Think about lighting (is there enough light? is there too much light?)

- Shoot landscape (width is longer than height)

Files over 10 seconds will not be considered, so please make sure you keep your files under 10 seconds. 

Super Fan's get priority consideration. To subscribe to this plan, click here.



Send us the full size file using wetransfer to our email: celestialentertainmentnz@gmail.com

by Friday 1st April.